My backlog

  • Updated on 25/04/2017.
  • A few principles
    • No dealines, no rush.
    • Some projects may get discarded for any reason.
    • Time consuming events such as festival do not necessarily get priority over smaller event, which would otherwise be blocked for a long time.
    • 4K videos now get priority over Full HD videos as it I need to test the new gears, techniques and results, which can impact "financial" decisions.
  • Average delay approximation: because of the festivals and some additionnal events, a supercomputer computing the estimate delay would take more thant one million years to get an accurate number.


  • 24/04/2017 Milonga del Rio de la Plata (Carolina's birthday)
  • 23/04/2017 La Tangueria
  • 17/04/2017 Gran Milonga at Easter at Pasos de Brujos
  • 01/07/2016 My selection among photos from a special workshop with Demián García and Nosotros Tango Club and/or "Nosotros: Bruxelles-le-bains" photo shoot in Tango Factory
  • 27/05/2016-29/05/2016 Antwerpen Tango Festival 2016*2
  • 28/04/2016-02/05/2016 Brussels Tango Festival 2016*1


  • 26/02/2016 Melissa Sacchi and Cristian Palomo at La Tangueria (Full HD)
  • 29/09/2016 Maria Ines Bogado and Jorge López at Patio de Tango (Full HD)
  • 28/04/2016-02/05/2016 Brussels Tango Festival 2016*1 (Full HD)


  • ??/??/2016 ["Business" cards] Make new "business" cards that do not mention any more
  • ??/??/???? [Web site improvement] I have plenty of ideas of improvement that I would like to implement in this website, but as I am a programmer and not primarily a web designer, those are huge ideas that require a lot of time, which I don't necessarily find. One of my priorities in this is to make something more ergonomic with the "all videos" page

  • *1 Please refer to this list to know what has been published and what is still to be published from the Brussels Tango Festival 2016.
  • *2 Please refer to this list to know what has been published and what is still to be published from the Antwerpen Tango Festival 2016.
  • This is only tango related stuff. Some times I shoot other events that do not appear in here and I might yet have other things to do, including working and studying...
  • I had no idea about this when I picked the backlog illustration from the Internet but it looks like the photo comes from Buenos Aires' Librería El Ateneo. (Reference: number 6 on