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2022-11-01: Postponed...

Though I actually started working on new version(s) in September, other priorities showed up and I can't find time to focus on this at this time. Hence, next version is postponed. Or, just maybe, it may result in a smaller being published first.

2022-09-30: New version(s) are actually in the making

Despite what I posted on 2022-09-04, I think that new version(s) will be released at some point. Here some of the things I think of right now:

  • Current version will remain available because I used it for more than 3 years without any major issue.
  • Versions will include a few quality of life improvements, and, IF that works, a new way of processing the file tests. It will remain a WinForms application targetting .NET Framework and in terms of features it will mostly remain as it is now.
  • Versions 0.3.x.x will be more experimental, at least in a first time, I hope to implement some different UI features that may be somehow more complex than what exists in versions 0.2.x.x, and I think of trying things like WPF and maybe .NET Core, just because they are much in demand on the job market.
  • I'm almost certain that there will be a version I do not actually promise that there will be 0.3.x.x .
  • I am thinking of re-making and sharing a set of files that I use to test the application. Though I do not promise that this will include the largest files.
  • I am also thinking of some cleaning on this web page, but this is far from a priority for me.

2022-09-04: Why there haven't been updates for so long

Latest version does "everything I needed" and does it right.

I still have many ideas for improvements, changes, and I am aware of some known issues (non-blocking), but developement has reached a diminishing return point where improvements would take much more time than what they would bring.

I have no sign that other people are using this software and it is not brining any revenue (which would be an incentive, though it is not the project's main objective) ...

As a result of all this, the project is not stopped by has a very low priority in my agenda.