Rates for buying social events photos

What you get What you do NOT get for that price Contributing to costs of
  • Original size photos (may vary for each photo)
  • Maximum quality JPEG compression.
  • Non commercial/non professional social Internet use is OK.
  • Satisfaction that the work behind it gets a little more fair, because it's fun but rather expensive in both money and time.
  • Some things are in option, see below.
  • Other people's image right (and you or I may have to ask them first).
  • Right not to credit the photographer.
  • Professional/commercial, semi-professional/commercial usage rights.

If you are interested in some of those, please contact me.

  • Time
  • Camera
  • Lenses
  • Softwares
  • Monitors
  • Computer
  • All kind of necessary accesories
  • Web site hosting
  • Upgrades over time of all of these
  • Photo editing
  • Files managing
  • Files archiving (hard drives)
  • ...
What you get Price per photo
Base price 14 EUR
[Option] Different export format Like TIFF, PNG or JPEG with different compression ratio, etc. +5 EUR
[Option] Different editing If you want a different of the photos than those that have been published (like re-framing, black and white, color temperature change ... not everything is always possible.) +20 EUR
[Option] Credit removal Credit text is removed from the the photo itself, but copyrights still should be mentioned somewhere with the photo if it is displayed publicly. Yet not for professional use. +10 EUR

Please contact me using https://thomasconte.net/contact/ , or any other way you may know to contact me.

How to pay?

Bank payment
IBAN: BE62 0013 0347 2761 / BIC: GEBABEBB
Belgian format: 001-3034727-61


Whenever we meet.


There seems to be some changes on PayPal's side and I am not sure what to do with it right now.