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Photography and video are not my profession, They are things that I do primarily because I always liked to "create" things, and then I like to share them with people who may enjoy them. In addition, my works provide some support to the work of people who are professionals in their field to various degrees.

I also try to maintain a certain quality level in of what I'm doing rather than just throw quick and dirty contents to social networks to grab attention.

As they are not my profession, I do not make a living from photography/video, and they come with an extra costs in time and money that sometimes can be somewhat heavy.

Even if, sometimes, some organisers pay a little something, or offer free entrances and/or drinks, this is almost nothing compared to the actual costs.

Thank you everybody for past and future supports.


  • Please note that I cannot monetize my YouTube videos as they are automatically monetised at the benefit of the copyright owners of the soundtracks (and YouTube), hence I do NOT earn any money from the advertising that you may see on some of my videos. And trying to monetise the few videos for which I could actually contact the music artists would be complex and would put the whole channel at risk.
  • On this pas, you can mainly support my past works. Of course I hope that I will be able to keep doing photography, video and other thigns. But many things can happen and I cannot make you any promise regarding future productivity in these fields.

How to support my works?

You could support my works by:

2023-01-28: This page is undergoing many changes and additions. Please consider that parts are under works and may improve in the future.

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