This F.A.Q. is a list of anwers (and thoughts) to commonly heard questions/remarks/requests/thoughts/topics as I do photography and videos in tango.

Note from September 2022: A F.A.Q. existed since nearly this section's beginning but, some years ago I removed it, reworked it, wasn't fully satisfied then removed it again around 2019. I can't find time to properly wrap all my ideas at once. My idea right now is to publish what I have, even if it's not perfect and let it evolve progressively, when it's ready.

This page can change at any time, parts may be added or missing or draft-like or temporary. This is also one of these catch-all-type pages where extra and redundant information is considered better than missing information.

Where can I actually find your works?

My headquarter page for tango is https://thomasconte.net/tango/. It doesn't directly contain much but will point you at where they are published.

If this can help, here is a "flatter" form of list (not necessarily exhautive):



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Can I use one of your works?

Please refer to "Conditions of use" page first, if still unclear ask me on "Contact" page or other ways you may know.

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Why do you do photography/video in tango?

Long story short

Short story long

One of my goals now is to create "beauty" and "memories".

I have enjoyed computer-based creation/creativity since late nineties... I am not a very "good" consumer in general as I always found more satisfaction in creating than in consuming..." (Hence, most of what I consume are things that allow me to produce something, but also things that may inspire me... Music and anything audio have a special place there as they can more easily be consumed while creating something else that does not use ears.).
My past works extended from "local private jokes" to some "worldwide successes (in the scope of their specific audiences)".
I do not actually call myself "an artist" as I am often relying on technical and technological aspects, more than on composing and story-telling or such, but there is always some kind of creation process involved.
Through this, I also grew some kind of fascination for "digital quality", precision, data accuracy... I mean "data" in a very broad sense, which may include image, but also sounds, words/semantics/language, data structures, ideas… I feel the same kind of fascination even when writing text (and I mean simply building sentences with words).
I'm never or very rarely 100% satisfied with things I do, but I generally aim for lasting quality rather ephemeral quantity.

I enjoy simply writing text, making sentences, but much more of my photo and video works can be found out there as texts I wrote are often anchored in a given time or context and, hence, don't necessarily grow old too well outside of their context. Also many were aimed to remain experimental or private.
In general, I don't think that I have so many "universal" truths or messages to tell that they could compose a whole story. I think that many works, even great works by great artists, have a risk of growing old badly out of a certain time and context... and maybe their interpretation was distorted from the start. One thing that I like about photography and video the way I can do them in tango, is that they don't rely on words at all.

Creativity for me has not always been about creating beauty... There was a time when I would enjoy literally anything unexpected, surprising or unusual. That was around the begennings of the Internets and some years onwards, a time which felt a bit like we were progessively gaining access to a whole new world, but way before being today's oversized information flow.
Nowadays, I see creating beauty as a way to escape violence... and possibly sometimes to fight it...
But that's a bit of a subtle and complex thinking... I am not talking about any kind of political/sociological communication campaign... I had a very long text project about violence and then how creating beauty would oppose to it... but I haven't found the right way to put it down.
(Please also don't colour anything I say here with any kind of mysticism...)

Another goal, but it is related to the first one, is that once something is created, I may enjoy sharing it. On one side, that is a very logical thing, if you create something that is shareable, you don't want to see it remain in a shelve. Then I hope that people will like enjoy and that it will make their day or their life a little better.

Finally, I started photography in tango. I mean that before tango I was shooting pictures sometimes but rather "like a tourist", I didn't give them so much attention. Hence, photography is rather naturally linked to tango for me. (It was not the case for video, I had done some video editing before.)

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Why do you like tango?

I already wrote some of these somewhere, but there are various reasons why I like the universe of tango

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Why don't you dance (anymore)?

(Joke version) Because it is better for everyone when I don't dance.

I wrote a few texts on how I started tango, why I never danced much and then why I stopped dancing... which may have some overlaps with this page.

[When I think about it I should add links here.]

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I saw that you were taking pictures! Where's my picture‽ Where's my picture‽ Where's my picture‽ Where's my picture‽

It often takes a lot of time (sometimes weeks or months) between taking pictures and publishing. Reasons include (the facts that) :