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Parameter Value(s) Default value Description Control exemple Portée/context Status
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en Sets current page's and future navigation's language.
If content is not available in selected language, the site will adapt, usually displaying content in available language, but also keeping selected language when navigating.
Language control illustration in the site's user interface Whole site.
  • minimalistic-white
  • none
minimalistic-white Sets current page's and future navigation's style. Style control illustration in the site's user interface Whole site.
  • The site currently only has one style left, as well as the "no-style" option.
  • I'm not a fan of "dark modes", but it would be nice if I find time to include a "dark mode" style.
key (Context-dependent) (Context-dependent) Selects an item. (Context-dependent) Pages that can display an item list/selection or a single it. Mostly implements where applying.
page (...) [Integer numbers] 1 Pagination... Pages that can display an item list/selection. Pagination ot implemented yet (2023-12-16).)


This site was started around 2010 with no pretension other than being a casual personal "web 1.x" communication/sharing center, providing some degree of independence from platforms platforms that may isolate contents and users based on "network effect" dependence. It can be seen as a derivative from the 1990s "personal websites", based on more recent tools.

Some contasnt attestion points are:

(This web site is NOT a professional portfolio/showcase. Most of the projects I worked on implied team and belong to the companies I was working for, as well as home-made projects that were not made to public.)


This web site is based on a PHP/Apache hosting, which was the most commoon and cheapest at creation time. (My main programming language is C#.)

This web site mainly relies on casual home-made backend+frontend framework (PHP/SQL+HTML/CSS/JavaScript), started around 2010 or 2011.


Many pages have a "Credits" link in their footer. This links to a page with credits to the authors of resources I used. Each credit page can be about a section or a page. I usually do not remove credits even if I do not use some resource anymore, hence there may be credits for resources that don't appear anywhere on the site anymore.

Site map

Site map has a page on it's own:

Not local cookies + Low third party scripts contents

This web site on its own does not use cookies and I usually avoid embedded third party scripts. Even in case you see a logo and a link to some other web sites (i.e: links to Facebook with logo), they are made of local static code and do not include any hidden third-party scripts. (Most websites that you visit "daily" or mobile applications will simply tell what they use and often use hundreds of them.)

At the time I'm updating this paragraph though (2023-01-29), there are a few exceptions:

Thumbnails on menu-type pages vs pages/sections contents

Not all pages/sections in the site have the same "quantity" or "nature" of content. Hence, sometimes the thumnails used on menu-type pages can raise somewhat more expections that the corresponding pages/sections should. I am aware of this. This is because I try to make the menu-type pages look nice, and I don't want to downgrade their looks. I don't see this as a major issue on a low-audience website, so at the time of writing (2022-03-29) I don't want to change this.