Archive tester

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"Archive tester" is a tool to ease mass testing of archive files such as *.7z, *.bz2, *.gz , *.rar *.tar, *.xz, *.zip... and *.flac!

TC's Archive tester v0.1.3.0 screenshot
Link Version Date Size SHA256 hash Requires uninstalling previous version
TC-Archive_tester- 2018-01-14 1,12 MB (1.185.749 bytes) D812DFE077E268A410DE4CDEC23FB45EFF7C3C86605BA91BDDE66F82CC1B3D36 Recommended!
Hopefully for the last time as installer software changed.
TC-Archive_tester- 2017-09-28 819 KB (839.208 bytes) 16C09B2CEF1E62B4B30DB3F205E2003F475DF50E1962EEE785F682F590D4E7D3 No


  1. Download the software package from this page, extract the files and run "setup.exe".
  2. At first run, you have to agree with the licence.
  3. Go to "Settings" tab.
    1. In "Preferences" subtab, the path to the folder where you want logs to be written in "Log folder" field. This is where the result logs will be generated. If it does not exist yet, it will created when the first log file need to be written.
    2. In ".exe files" subtab, fill the paths where "7z.exe" and "flac.exe" can be found. UnRAR.exe should be set already as its license allows its inclusion to this software.
      (You may find 7z.exe through and flac.exe through )

There are some more settings in the "Settings" tab. For now I'll let you explore them.


For now, you can find some more explainations in the "About" tab.