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Welcome. One of my hobbies is photography/videography. I started photography in tango events and so far they remain my main subject. The point of it is both some kind of creation or extension of creation, and sharing memories with those who like it, sometimes one more than the other depending on context.

[Photo] Photography

[On Facebook] You may find most of my photos on "TC Tango Photos etc." Facebook page .
[On Flickr] Some of them are published on Flicker as well: Flickr photostream .
[by T.C.] You can also find a table with link to all, or most of, my photo albums on on this site's tango photography.

[Video] Video

[On YouTube] You may find my video on my YouTube channel TC Tango .
[by T.C.] You can also view them on this site's video page.

Random T.C. video

Mariana Montes y Sebastián Arce, 18/5/2018, Antwerpen Tango Fesitval 1/3 (TC's camera edit)
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If you are in Belgium, I have created a page that makes navigation in milonga.be's agenda a bit easier: https://thomasconte.net/tango/agenda/belgium/ (irreversibly? broken due to milonga.be's "accidental WordPress API" changes/removal)

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Random T.C. video

Random T.C. video

Eugenia Ramírez Miori y Hernan Alvarez Prieto, 20/5/2018, Antwerpen Tango Festival 1/2
Watch more videos by T.C. in the "video" section.

Random guest/friend video

Catherine Lybaert, Henry Purcell - Dido & Aeneas - Dido's lament