My backlog, illustration
  • Updated on 2023-08-23.
  • A few principles
    • No dealines, no rush.
    • Some projects may get discarded for any reason.
  • Average delay approximation: currently undefined, I keep focusing on quality rather than quantity. 2022-05-25: I'm currently accumulating too many photo albums again, hence there will be long waits again. There may also be some changes that may force me to suspend or radically slow down photgraphy/video activity.

Things that will likely result in something to publish


  • 2023-06-03 Milonga La Loca at Tango Factory (Brussels, Belgium)


  • 2023-06-02 Manuela Rossi y Juan Malizie at Tango Factory (Brussels, Belgium)

Things that may result in something to publish if I find the inspiration and the time


  • 2022-12-03 Rixensart/Genval, Tango concert, show, workshops & milonga @ CC Rixensart
  • 2019-07-xx Berlin, some casual photos, including other things than tango
  • 27/05/2016-29/05/2016 Antwerpen Tango Festival 2016*2 *3
  • 28/04/2016-02/05/2016 Brussels Tango Festival 2016*1 *3


  • 28/05/2018-29/05/2018 Brussels Tango Festival: Filming at BTF 2018 was catastrophic, because of the lightings but not only. I will see if something can be used, maybe some Ruben and Sabrina Veliz. Some of my images have already be used by Roberto Sz in the festival's official videos.
  • 28/04/2016-02/05/2016 Brussels Tango Festival 2016, a few things may be remaining here and there*1
  • A re-editing of an old video?

*S: For these videos, I have not received the soundtrack or I may have received a slightly different version than that that was played. I may need to buy some CDs and/or to tweak a slightly different version of the sound to make it synchronise, with a slight risk of steps being desynchronised.


  • [Web site improvement] I often have plenty improvement ideas of that I would like to implement in this website, but as I am a programmer and not primarily a web designer, those are more or less huge applicative ideas that require a lot of time, which I don't necessarily find.
  • [Web site] French translation of F.A.Q. the new version of F.A.Q. page.
  • [Web site] Actually, I want to rewrite the new F.A.Q. (it is not online at the time I'm writing)
  • [Web site] Translations of some texts into French or English

  • *1 Please refer to the Brussels Tango Festival's organiser page to know what has been published and what is still to be published from the Brussels Tango Festival 2016.
  • *2 Please refer to the Antwerpen Tango Festival's organiser page to know what has been published and what is still to be published from the Antwerpen Tango Festival 2016.
  • *3 Since I change monitors and camera, these have become very frustrating to work as they got somewhat technically obsolete but I still hope to get something out of them someday.