This F.A.Q. is a list of anwers (and thoughts) to commonly heard questions/remarks/requests/thoughts/topics as I do photography and videos in tango.

Note from September 2022: A F.A.Q. existed since nearly this section's beginning but, some years ago I removed it, reworked it, wasn't fully satisfied then removed it again around 2019. I can't find time to properly wrap all my ideas at once. My idea right now is to publish what I have, even if it's not perfect and let it evolve progressively, when it's ready.

This page can change at any time, parts may be added or missing or draft-like or temporary. This is also one of these catch-all-type pages where extra and redundant information is considered better than missing information.

Where can I actually find your works?

My headquarter page for tango is https://thomasconte.net/tango/. It doesn't directly contain much but will point you at where they are published.

If this can help, here is a "flatter" form of list (not necessarily exhautive):



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Can I use one of your works?

Please refer to "Conditions of use" page first, if still unclear ask me on "Contact" page or other ways you may know.

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Why do you do photography/video in tango?

One of my goals now is to "create beauty".

I have enjoyed computer creation/creativity since the late 1990s... I am not a very "good" consumer in general as I always found more thrill in creating than consuming..." (Though music and anything audio have a special place there as they can more easily be consumed while creating something else that does not use ears.). My past works extended "local private jokes" to "worldwide successes" (in the scope of their specific audiences). I do not actually call myself "an artist" as I am often relying on technical and technological aspects, more than on composing and story-telling or such, but there is always some kind of creation process involved. Through all this, I also grew some kind of fascination for digital quality, precision and data accuracy. Here I mean "data" in a very large sense, and that's not only about image, it's also about sounds, word meanings, ideas, language… I feel the same kind of fascination even when writing text (and I mean simply building sentences with words). I'm never or very rarely 100% satisfied with things I do, but I generally tend towards lasting quality rather ephemeral quantity.

Regarding texts, I must say that I find that my own texts usually don't grow old too well... even if they contained interesting moments, they're often too much anchored to given time and context... They're more like instant captures, remain unfinished or experimental and yet are often parts of private communications... In general, I don't think that I have a so many "universal" truths to tell that they could form a whole story to tell that would worth being immortalised... I feel like I have thousands small contextual ideas that don't necessarily stick together and need time and space to be allowed to evolve. In that sense, I'm a bit afraid of books... they probably contain a lot of obsolete or false information. I'm not saying that I don't like books, it probably means that I would have even more admiration for a "perfectly written book", it is rather people fascination for books that I find freaky, like old style fascination for T.V., both require critical mind. I think I have less of this problem with movies. One thing that I like in photography and video the way I can do them in tango, is that they don't rely on words at all.

Creativity for me has not always been about creating beauty... There was a time when I would enjoy litteraly anything unexpected, surprising or unusual. That was around the begennings of the Internets and onwards, a time which felt a bit like gaining progessively access to a whole new world, but yet before being overwhelmed by today's information flood.

Nowadays, I see creating beauty as a way to escape violence... and possibly sometimes to fight it...

But that's a bit subtle and complex... I am not talking about any kind of political/sociological communication campaign... I had a very long text project about violence and then how creating beauty would oppose to it... but I didn't find the right way to put it down.

(Please don't colour anything I say with any kind of mysticism... the only things I really believe in are knowledge, logic, science, wisdom...)

Another goal, but it is related to the first one, is that once something is created, I like to share it, I hope that people will like it and that it will make their day or their life a little better.

Finally, I started photography in tango. I mean that before tango I was shooting pictures sometimes but rather "like a tourist", I didn't give them so much attention. Hence, photography is rather naturally linnked to tango for me. (It was not the case for video, I had done video editing before.)

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Why do you like tango?

I already wrote some of these somewhere, but there are various reasons why I like the universe of tango

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Why don't you dance (anymore)?

Because it is better for everyone when I don't dance ;-)

I wrote a few texts on how I started tango, why I didn't dance much and then why I actually stopped dancing... which may have some overlaps with this page.

[When I think about it I should add links here.]

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I saw that you were taking pictures! Where's my picture‽ Where's my picture‽ Where's my picture‽ Where's my picture‽

Please refere to the answer to question "Oh, it must take a lot of work to select pictures‽".

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Why are you here today and you're not taking photographs?

Choose some option(s):

* Most of the work for both photography and video is done after the events and require to find a lot of time when I can focus to do quality work, usually multiple nights of works for one night of shooting photographs and hours or days of encoding and re-encoding regarding video. So maybe I'm just already busy enough at the moment and I don't want to take one more photo album in charge right now, which would only be ready in weeks or months and would also delay other works.

And keep in mind these are not professional activities for me so they can never be my top priorities, and yet they are not my only possible activities.
In the past, I used to accumulate many and albums could not be finish without a 3 or more months delay. This is not fun. I would like to accumulate a maximum of 1 or 2 albums at a time and my current ideal pace would be something like 1 to 3 albums per month (depending on the quantity in each album and on the rest of my agenda). But sometimes, like in May and June, a lot of special events usually happen short periods of time...

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Oh, it must take a lot of work to select pictures‽

There is much more to do than just "selecting"... Right now, my workflow for photography would go something like this:

  1. Recording phase [minutes/hours]
    1. Prepare Lightroom album for edition (which includes file manipulation including some homecrafted software *)
  2. Culling phase [hours]
    1. First/Main selection: Rating pictures (photographs with the lowest ratings get excluded)
  3. Editing phase [hours/days]
      [Any further step may lead back here]
    1. Editing all of remaining pictures (it's misconception to think that photographs are not edited, usually when people don't edit their pictures, they actually let their camera do some automated "edit" for them... Unless you are in optimal conditions and your raw file already looks fantastic, but most of the times there is room for improvement and, in tango, conditions are usually far from optimal.)
  4. Refinement phase I : Quality [hours/days]
    1. Temporary lossy export
    2. Review all pictures for colour/exposure accuracy (on some external device)
    3. Lossless export
  5. Refinement phase II : Meta stuff and final export [minutes/hours]
    1. Order pictures (by quality groups/categories)
    2. Signatures/watermarks placement (this involve homecrafted software * that allows me to get more control over signatures)
    3. Processing of lossless export through homecraft software for signature rendering
    4. Review of all the pictures for signature placement (check that it's not too disturbing)
  6. Publishing phase : Upload and more met stuff [minutes/hours]
    1. Upload to Facebook album
    2. Fill album title and descritpion
    3. Tagging as many as possible (and Facebook's intercace's evolutions have made this process somewhat inefficient and sometimes buggy)
  7. Archiving phase [hours/days]
    1. Archiving of work files and lossless result files
  8. Optional phases ["it depends"]
    1. Specific Photoshop treatments of selected pictures (depending on inspiration).
    2. Pictures may still be discard at any step after culling.
    3. [If is tango in Belgium] Different processing of final lossless export for milonga.be's Flickr album (which I often forget to update). Selection of processed files for milonga.be's Flickr album (which may include reprocessing output files). Upload and filling titles for milonga.be's Flickr album.

* Homecrafted software may bring help and/or extra step allowing more possibilities than what most photographers use, but they sometimes require spending time programming to make them evolve and in rare cases just to maintain them.

[Here I plan to add some BPMN flow diagram or such for the above description, "when" I'll find the time for it.]

For videos, workflow is somehow similar but time requirements may be spread differently. Especially the refinements and archiving phases that require less "human time" but a lot more "computer time". "Computer time" has the advantage of leaving the human free to do other things, but it makes computers less easy to use, and I would say that it is not recommended to overload GPU or storage drives during rendering, hence it may also delay other projects.

I do not want to be photographed

If you see that I'm shooting photographs, just ask me.

Please mention if it is just for this time or permanently.

Most people like to get pictures, but a few people don't.

I do not need to know the personal reasons why someone does not want photographs. (I may ask out of curiosity or if I feel like there's something personnal going on, but you don't have to reply.)

And I usually have a good memory for this, but it may fail so don't hesitate to remind me in case I forgot.

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I want to be photographed but I don't want my pictures to be published

As for question question "".

In this cas, it is possible that I still send you in private some pictures already taken, but it is also likely that I will stop shooting you. The reason is that if I have to send pictures privately individually to each person, it requires too much extra work, so I will rather count you among the people who don't want to be photographed.

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I want to be photographed, I want my photographs to be published but not tagged

Also ask for it, I try to remember this kind of things.

But, except in some specific cases, I think that it may be a mistake. I think that a better way to go is that you configured your Facebook profile so that you get notified when you are tagged but you need to confirm if you want the content to appear on your profile or not.

[If I find time, I am thinking of adding a tutorial on how to do this here. But I am not sure to ever do it though, especially since Facebook's UI may change at any time.]

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I want a picture of me removed

Contact me using "Contact" page or other ways you may know. Be very precise about what you want to remove because it there is any ambiguity I will wait until it is made clear(because removing something and then realising it was something else that had to be removed and then reuploading the first thing is far from an ideal situation.)

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You must earn good money from your YouTube channel since it has millions of views, how much do you make from it‽

No. Because the dancers in my videos always dance on copyrighted music.

When YouTube detects copyrighted music, it can force ads to appear at the beginning of the video, and these ads' revenues go to YouTube and to the copyright owners of the music (or at least, the entity that registered this music in YouTube's system... some abuses exists). I read that since some time, the video creator can gets a ration of the profit according to the ratio of copyrighted song against the length of the video, but I believe that you still don't get anything for the image if copyrighted music is playing on top of it.

Additionnally, even if they may get paid, if you monetise videos with copyrighted music, you increase the risks of receive a YouTube "stike" from the copyright owners.

For these reasons, my channel is not monetised at all.

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Why are you not smiling/enjoying?

Because this is how I look when I'm having fun :-)

I probably always look like I'm thinking because it is something I like to do. That doesn't mean that I'm not enjoying the moment.

And I cannot really do the "smile" facial expression, I mean I cannot do it on purpose. People say that I smile in some conversation, but I think it's mainly when I'm laughing.

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Have you ever been "diagnosed"? Like when you were a kid or such...


But yes, this has been going on for years... People with Asperger kids tell me that I have Asperger's syndrome, as their kids... People with "gifted" kids tell me I'm "gifted", as their kids...

To my best knowledge, there must be some truth to these statements.

(Asperger's doesn't officially exist anymore* but instead matches mild forms of autism.)

For me it is not about not wanting to communicate, it is mostly about many things that seem natural for others than I cannot really express, or not in the right ways. And sometimes not understanding the reasons why or how others express certain things... Also about the fact that having a positive, constructive, inclusive mindset is natural to me, hence I don't feel the necessity to express it. (Note: I am not using "inclusive" in the modern political sense here, though it may about including people in actions/activities too.)

But no, I didn't get a diagnostic when I was a kid. And in my country, for adults, the waiting list is more than four years long. (I just heard on the news that for kids it is already more than two years long.)

And when I was a kid, people simply used to tell me that I was the next Albert Einstein or the next Bill Gates... Back then I simply thought they were not making sense and also that there never was much in common between Einstein and Gates... By the way, appart from various degrees of interest in physics and IT, I am nowhere near any of these guys now. But, to keep it simple, you don't think of a diagnostic when people see you that way.

I would be interested in such a diagnostic, but at the same time, I am not fond of "labels".

The only official thing I actually got was (long ago but as an adult) an IQ test which was "slightly below gifted"... but also, I think that, if there is any truth about "giftedness", it is burried under mountains of psycho-marketing trying-to-make-you(or your kids)-feel-special grab-your-money information flood... and I don't find it very reliable in the end...

Then, it's worth wathever it's worth, I also checked in "DSM V" myself...

In conclusion: I cannot be sure. I am not looking for labels (other than their semantical help in writing or conversation). Multiple unrelated people told me about it over years. It is not a new topic for me and I can rather openly talk about it.

* People still use the word Asperger's as it is widely understood and avoids longer explainations... But it does not officially exist anymore since 2013. From what I've heard (should but further fact-checked) Johann Friedrich Karl Asperger was an Austrian doctor who's method was used during World War II to select autistic people... those who could still be useful to society (Asperger's) would live and be assigned work, the others would be sent to extermination camps. I don't know to what point he was involved, or if others simply used his theories. Other than this grim origin, his criteria were probably simply obsolete. Some say that the word should completely disappear... Probably... But it still has the cultural advantage of intelligibility.

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Why you didn't say "Hi!"?

I usually try to greet everybody I know, but it is sometimes difficult or unclear.

It may be difficult in example if I am there to make videos... preparing video properly takes a lot of time and focus which may get priority over anything else.

It may be unclear... There was a time when I could remember every single person in tango in my town and around. I also used to be good at remembering birthdays (before Facebook). But since approximately 2018, my social memory has reach some ceiling. Then, because I go out less often, it is not as easy to remember names and faces... Sometimes there are people who go out even less who remember me from months ago... but I'm not always sure if I knew they're name, if we actually talked... Add to this that some people look confusingly similar to other people... Actually, after you met enough people, anybody looks somewhat similar to somebody else... or like a mix of other persons...
Then, I usually greet people who I clearly remember chatting with at least one. But nowadays it's more difficult to remember precisely... And there are people who don't necessarily greet, then not greeting them becomes like a habit, or like, I'm not sure what to do...

But yet, after Covid crisis, there are people who will only shake hand, or only greet from afar... which still adds more to the confusion.

Yet another scenario maybe if I come very late to some event, like everybody is already in the place but are almost ready to go... Then it feels a little weird to great tenths of people who were already there.

So in the end if I didn't greet you and you think I should, it's probably not because I want to be rude or because I would be angry at you. (I usually don't get angry at people, and I think the few in this case are well aware of it.) It's just that my social cognition in milongas has been somewhat overloaded, in that moment and/or these years.

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Why do you rarely travel to shoot tango events?

I would like to (I was already suggested some exotic destinations such as Dubaï) ... but tango is not a professional activity for me, hence I cannot necessarily book dates that easily.

My photography gear and espescially my video gear take space and weight and I haven't really figured out yet if there is a way I could safely travel with them on a plane (espcially in an age when airline companies would have you travel naked if they could in order to spare a few grams).

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I am an event organiser and I would a way to find back all the contents that you shot for me

This exists on https://thomasconte.net/tango/organisers/ .

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