Since 2014, I strive to produce quality work in photography as well as in videography. Achieving, then maintaining a certain publishing pace and a certain quality level require large investments in time and money. Thousands of Euros.
Real incomes are pretty scarce in the event I shoot but if you read this page it probably means that you are part of the same world. This is why I would appreciate your help in order to help me recover parts of my expenses and keep evolving.
Thank you everybody for past and future donations.

Ideally, I would also like pay a little something to the people who film with my secondary cameras. But for now there's now it wouldn't be justified. Some organisers let them in for free, but that's not something that is necessarily granted.

Please note that my YouTube videos are monetised by the copyright owners of the soundtrack, hence I do not earn money from advertisings.

Here are different ways to make a donation:

  1. Cash

    Whenever we meet.

  2. Bank payment

    In this case, please do not hesitate to send me, in example, an e-mail through my contact form: , so I will know it faster.

    Name: Thomas Conte IBAN : BE62 0013 0347 2761
    Communication: Donation

  3. PayPal

    Please note that a PayPal donation will be subject to Paypal's current fees.